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Why Student Coaching?

Goal Identification

In a world of uncertainty, students lack direction more than ever. By asking the right questions, we specialize in pushing students to set goals and create a vision for their life; both short-term and long-term.

Make a Clear Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Helping students with an action plan to crush their goals is the bulk of our program. Whether it's a workout routine or positive affirmations, we help crystalize their action steps


It's really tough to do things alone... especially as a high-schooler. Accountability is what makes our program successful. In the same way you need a trainer at the gym, you need a coach for your habits!

Success Principles

We coach students on success principles that have the power to change their lives. From setting goals, to unconditional confidence, to picking their spheres of influence, we can help.

Relatable Coaches

Ever wondered why kids don't want to listen to mom and dad talk about goals? Or confidence? Our students say it's a whole lot easier hearing it from young coaches than their parents.

Altered Habits

Diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes are long-term. We focus on positive habits & long-lasting impact. With our mixture of content and accountability, we shoot for deep-rooted & positive change.

Coaches Who Care

Will Elliott — Lead Coach & Founder

Ongoing support from our team of student coaching experts.

With a team of qualified and passionate coaches, you and your student are in great hands to get the support you need. ​With a team of qualified and passionate coaches, you and your student are in great hands to get the support you need. ​

As a certified coach with 3 years of various coaching experiences, Will understands firsthand the journey your students are on and guides them step-by-step.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Having a coach who's more experienced than me, but at the same time extremely relatable has been very beneficial to me and my progress as a student, athlete, and person. COVID-19 put me in one of the biggest slumps of my life. Will helped me turn that around quick."
From Texas
"My favorite success principle I've learned from Will has been positive self-talk. I was my own biggest critic for my whole life. Now I'm aware of my self-defeating thoughts and have affirmations in place that I read out loud every day. He's really helped me with confidence at school."
From Colorado
"Before I started coaching with Will, I wasn't doing my homework, I was gaming for most of the day, and I never had motivation for anything. After working with him, I feel like I finally have direction and purpose. Thank you for everything. I'm so grateful you are in my life."
From Florida
"Because of Will, I've been able to visualize not only WHERE I want to be in the future, but WHO I want to be. I have a list of characteristics I'm actively thinking about and working on because I know there's no better time to work on yourself than RIGHT NOW!"
From Colorado


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