Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world by empowering and motivating the next generation of leaders. We do this by providing the principles, mentorship, and accountability it takes to break belief barriers and transform their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the next generation to have clear direction, focus, and achieve quantifiable success in all areas of life. For them to reach their highest potential and become equipped with a a foundation of skills in order to become their own biggest cheerleader. To bring clarity to the priorities and opportunities they have within themselves to help them achieve their highest life goals.

We help students:

Hi, I'm Will!

Thank you for checking us out! I’ve been in the business of building character in students and young adults for over 3 years, beginning with a door-to-door sales coaching role. It was there that I discovered my passion for leading students to the men and women they are capable of becoming. A passion that landed me multiple team captain roles throughout my years in sports, presidency in college organizations, and now running my own student coaching business at the age of 22. I would love to get to know you and your students on a deeper level. Head over to the “Contact” page and shoot me a message and I’ll get in touch!


My favorite success principle I've learned from Will has been positive self-talk. I was my own biggest critic for my whole life. Now I'm aware of my self-defeating thoughts and have affirmations in place that I read every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

A student coach is a passionate professional who helps students make progress in their lives. They help you clarify goals, identify obstacles that are holding you back, and come up with strategies for overcoming them. Similar to a personal trainer at a gym, a student-driven life coach holds their clients accountable when they say they’re going to do something!

Millions of people hire life coaches each year, all for different reasons of course. At NextGen Student Coaching, we believe young adults need them more than ever. We work with motivated students who want a mentor pushing them in their everyday lives, and also students who are needing growth in specific areas or just a good ol’ “pick-me-up”!

Although there are similarities, coaching and therapy are extremely different. Student coaching is its own unique service designed to help students clarify their goals, establish a game plan, all while having a passionate and invested mentor holding them accountable in the process. While therapists focus on “why” patterns occur, coaches focus on “how” changing patterns can work toward a goal.

Yes! We believe same-gender coaching creates the greatest lasting impact. Our team of coaches consist of both men and women. 

For now, yes! All coaching sessions are held using Zoom.

Of course! We have a couple routes you could take for less up front commitment. First, we offer a free coaching call as part of the enrollment process. Another way is to browse our courses where you get an idea of the content and structure of our coaching, as well as a 30 minute coaching session!