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With over 75 videos and 5 hours of video lessons, your student will be on their way to mastering techniques to help them flourish. Never stop learning and practicing with daily videos, exercises, and accountability groups.

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75+ video lessons & over 10 hours of content and self improvement lectures

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Written-out exercises to help brainstorm and apply teachings to your own life.

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What Our Students Have to Say

My favorite success principle I've learned from Will has been positive self-talk. I was my own biggest critic for my whole life. Now I'm aware of my self-defeating thoughts and have affirmations in place that I read out loud every day! He's really helped me with confidence at school."
From Colorado Springs, USA
Having a coach who’s more experienced than me, but at the same time extremely relatable has been very beneficial to me and my progress as a student, athlete, and person. COVID-19 put me in one of the biggest slumps of my life. Will helped me turn that around quick.”
From Dallas, USA
Because of Will, I’ve been able to visualize not only WHERE I want to be in the future, but WHO I want to be. I have a list of characteristics I’m actively thinking about and working on because I know there’s no better time to work on yourself than RIGHT NOW!”
From Denver, USA
Before I started coaching with Will, I wasn’t doing my homework, I was gaming for most of the day, and I never had motivation for anything. After working with him, I feel like I finally have direction and purpose. Thank you for everything. I’m so grateful you are in my life.
From Fort Lauderdale, USA