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Teaching Your Students The Power of Positive Habits

Take Your Kid From "Sitting Idle" To Being An Actively Engaged Student Leader

Don't Feel Like School Is Teaching Your Kids Enough Life Skills?

We feel your pain. While you do learn important and necessary skills in school, there isn't much emphasis on things that really shape a teenager's character. And as much as you try to teach them those skills, they rarely listen. Relatable?


Benefit 1

Your student will be able to coach themselves through periods of no motivation, low confidence, and lack of focus. Being able to coach yourself is one of the most essential skills in life and unfortunately, one school doesn't teach you.


Benefit 2

Your student will learn how to manage their stress levels. By focusing on positive self talk habits, students will drastically decrease their stress in life and learn to take on school and social settings with confidence and courage.


Benefit 3

Your student will have more direction in life. With direction, comes motivation. After completing this course and having access to our motivational group, students will feel more motivated than ever and finally take action toward their goals.

Introducing "The Student's Guide to Crushing Life"

How to set SMART goals in all areas of your life...

You'll learn the five key components of effective goal setting as well as the purpose behind what you're doing. The "WHY" is even more important than the "WHAT"!

How to reverse engineer your goals and create intentional action plans...

Your goals are only as good as the action plan behind them. I'll help you crystallize what it'll take to make the success of your goals inevitable.

What self talk is and actionable steps to control it...

I'll help you not only understand what self talk is, but how you can use it to reach any goal in life. It is the foundation of your confidence!

How to create and implement positive affirmations...

Learn how to create and implement positive affirmations by understanding areas of self defeating thoughts and replacing them with powerful "I am" statements.

What procrastination is and how to beat it...

You'll dig deep and not only learn the root causes of your bad procrastination habits, but also how to combat them to increase your productivity ten fold!

And so much more!

Your kids will learn what it's like to feel motivated for their future and have the confidence and courage to act toward their goals.

Here's what the course will look like:


Module 1 - Vision / Goals

Importance of Goals - How to Set Goals - Creating a Vision for Your Life - Finding Your WHY - Be, Do, Have, Creating a Vision Board - Vision Board Workshop - Crystallizing Goals Determining Key Actions - Power of Habit - Reviewing Your Goals - Visualizing Your Goals - Reflection


Module 2 - Confidence

Where our Confidence Comes From - Self Talk - Self Confidence Loop - Stages of Self Talk - Positive Rephrasing Creating Affirmations - Applying Self Talk - Action Cures Fear - Unconditional Confidence - Controlling Your Controllables - Momentum - Small Wins - Reflection


Module 3 - Time Management

Your Schedule & Why It's Important - Roadblocks to Productivity - Procrastination - Beating Procrastination - How You Spend Time - Prioritization - Morning and Night Routines - Distractions - Focus - 4 Quadrants - Pomodoro Study Technique - Productivity Apps to Help - Reflection


Module 4 - Application & Accountability

Each one of these principles has the power to change someone's life... if acted upon.. Simply knowing the principles isn't going to change a student's habits. Application and accountability will. Module 4 is all about tips to apply them and ways we will hold you accountable!

Are you ready to set your student up for success?

Join tons of other families in investing in their students’ personal growth and sphere of influence by enrolling in this course.

What Parents Are Saying About This Course

Mom of 8th Grader

"My daughter took this course from Will and absolutely loved it. She is a much more confident and put together version of herself. With the skills and accountability in this course, Will could charge over 1k."

Lisa Newport

Mom of 9th Grader

"Okay, this was great for my kids AND me! I even took the course and learned so much from it. My kids and I all have our vision boards hanging next to each other!"

Debbie Green

Dad of 7th Grader

"Great course. Straight forward, not too much fluff. Will has great energy too and it relays over to the kids. Definitely worth the money and then some."

Jay Reynolds

Dad of 11th Grader

“Loved the course for my 2 girls. At first I was skeptical about a young guy teaching them about confidence, but they learned a lot and I can already see improvements.

Greg Hutzell

Who Am I And Why Did I Create This Course?

Will Elliott

Founder of NextGen Student Coaching

Will Elliott is the founder of NextGen Student Coaching. He has been coaching and mentoring high school and college students for the past 3 years. Will has rich experience in teaching students life principles that have proven to make a lasting impact on their lives.

It was during a door-to-door sales role that Will discovered a passion for leading students to the men and women they are capable of becoming. A passion that landed him multiple team captain roles throughout his years playing sports, presidency in different college organizations, and now running his own student coaching business at the age of 23.

This course was created to give students everything they need to gain the positive momentum to change their life, no matter where they are starting. With videos, motivational groups, and 1:1 accountability, Will created the system he wishes he once had as a student not long ago.

That's Not All! All The Tools, Exercises, and Accountability Are Already Included.

Bonus 1: Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions ($300 Value)

Learning new content rarely has life-changing impact unless there is accountability behind it. In these two 30-minute calls, we'll discuss specific pain points that are effecting each student, as well as how to apply what they're learning! Struggling with motivation? That's what we'll help with. Struggling with procrastinating your work? We got you! This alone is a $300 value.


Bonus 2: Unlimited Office Hours & Motivation Group

We've found that lot of course instructors leave their clients out dry with no form of communication after the initial purchase. Not us! We give you and your student access to our motivational group chat as well as 24/7 office hours to ask any questions about the course or life struggles!

Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group for the Parents!

This course isn't just about the students, it's about the entire family! Both mom and dad will gain access to our private Facebook group where parents will share common struggles they're facing at home. With help and monitoring from expert coaches, you're a part of a community that wants to see your student have life changing breakthroughs.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will have lifetime access to the course. Woo!
If you have a question related to this course, DM me on Slack or email me at
Plan to take about 4-8 weeks to complete the course. There are 58 video lessons totaling over four hours of content. Most videos are 5–10 minutes long, with the shortest video around 3 minute and the longest about 30 minutes.
Yes. On the checkout page under the “Billing Information” section, switch from the Credit Card tab to the PayPal tab. Choose your country and click “Enroll in Course” to be directed to the PayPal checkout. PayPal is not available for the installment plan.
Oh no! I don’t want that! I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your payment within 30 days. We would appreciate notification within the first 30 days of the course.

The Ultimate Course For Your Kids​

There’s no better time to prepare for the school year than now. Keeping momentum while maintaining balance is the name of the game. We’ll help you do just that!